Tips for scoring high in NEET examinations


A question that arises in the mind of a lot of students while preparing for a medical entrance exam such as NEET is whether their preparation is going on the right track or not. The occurrence of these thoughts in your mind is justifiable because over 12 lakh students appear in NEET entrance exam every year and only about 30000 students get admission in medical colleges through it. As we can determine from these figures, NEET is a tough examination and that justifies your concern about the quality of education you are accessing.

In order to prepare for the NEET examination, students are joining coaching classes for NEET throughout the country. Students of Chennai can easily find a lot of institutes offering NEET coaching in Chennai and compare them to prepare from the best institute. If you are also looking forward to joining a coaching institution in order to prepare for the NEET entrance exam, you can rely on Allen institute. It is one of the finest institutions in India with best faculty members and student-oriented education methodology which makes it possible for this institute to secure higher positions every year in IIT and NEET. in addition to that, there are certain things you need to follow in order to score high marks in NEET exams.

  1. Make your study plan short and simple. There is no need to wake up very early in the morning or sleep very late at night. You need to maintain a fixed sleep schedule otherwise you will end up draining your body and mind. A tired body is not good for studies because you won’t be able to focus as you can do with a fresh mind.
  1. Don’t get fooled by irrelevant rumors, gossip, and fake results etc. As the time of exams come near, you will find a lot of rumors spreading over the internet and over social media sites. Do not waste your time in such ambiguous things and focus on your studies only. You need to read the instructions and information available on NEET official website. If there’s any update made in the NEET UG examination, you can easily find it on the official website and related blog sites.
  1. It is very essential to clear the state board exams even while preparing for NEET. Although, many institutes that offer NEET coaching in Chennai covers State board courses along with NEET preparation courses. It is vital to make sure that your school syllabus does not lag behind over your coaching education. You can simply do the same by studying a chapter from your NCERT book every day and revise it at the end of the day. 
  1. Make a flexible plan for your studies but stick to it strictly. If you are not able to do so by yourself, take help from teachers or mentors. These people have a lot of experience in teaching and they will help you make the best utilization of your time.
  1. a lot of candidates who have secured good ranks in NEET examination. The toppers always recommend 8 to 10 hours of study every day. It has also been found that solving numerical objective problems on a daily basis along with regular test series are very helpful in scoring good marks.
  1. Keep a pocket diary with you all the time to write important formulas, points that you need to remember or revise.
  1. In order to give the best of yourself, you need to stay healthy and fit. Instead of consuming a lot of carbohydrates, you need to switch for a healthy and nutritious diet while studying for the neet examination. You need to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily and take adequate amount of breaks between your studies. You might be wondering what if you don’t do any of this, you can easily add 2 or 3 hours more every day for study. But you need to keep this in mind that if you fall ill, you will end up wasting lots of days of study. Stay well-rested and well-nourished. 
  1. if you are feeling tired after long study sessions, you can engage in recreational activities in between to boost of your energy again.
  1. Do not hesitate to ask your doubts. No matter which institute you have opted for NEET coaching in Chennai, you need to clear your doubts by asking them from your concerned faculty. New doubts will be arising daily and it is not a very good thing to keep a pile of them. Try to get them resolved on a daily basis only.
  1. Last but not least, you need to stay away from smartphones. It can distract you easily so you need to keep yourself away from it for a few days. Apart from that, use the internet only for study purpose because you can’t afford any destruction while studying for NEET UG examination.

These 10 tips will surely help you to score good marks in NEET examination. Remember that the journey has just begun and you got a lot more to do in order to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.

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