Travel & Tourism for Indians – Contrasts Abound


Travel and tourism in our country is changing. It’s evolving and growing well as the level of disposable income for regular Indians continues to increase. Of course, not everyone can afford to travel who are just subsisting, but for those fortunate families, groups and singletons who are able, there’s a wealth of contrasting travel destinations available to them.

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Let’s now dig a little deeper into travel for Indian tourists.

Are Indians Going Abroad More Than Usual?

Anyone who travels in south-east Asia is starting to get used to seeing more Indian tourists at popular spots. They are certainly not as abundant as the Chinese in Thailand or the French visiting Laos, but they are still noticeable.

While there are some rich Indians who choose to travel alone, many save up and take an international trip with friends or relatives of a similar age group. This helps to keep costs down by sharing transportation and accommodation. Therefore, it’s a mixed picture as to what groups are going abroad.

Who’s Traveling In-Country?

Traveling within India is usually less expensive than going abroad. Domestic flights are inexpensive compared to international ones, and there’s no need to verify whether a visa will be necessary either. There’s also the option of taking a train or bus too.

For Indians who can comfortably afford to travel within their country but would still find foreign travel cost prohibitive, traveling to another state makes sense. Indeed, there are now travel trade shows in India with travel-oriented companies exhibiting and presenting keynote addresses to attract the domestic traveler who’s interested in seeing more of their own country.

Of course, families also enjoy traveling to other states too. This might be to visit a distant family member who they don’t get to visit as often as they’d like, or just to explore a region of the country they’re never seen before. India being a country full of contrasts, celebration and vibrant colors, there’s always something new to see and do.

What Does This Mean for Future Travel?

While certainly as more Indians see their wages rise and entrepreneurs become more successful with small businesses that embrace the internet more fully, there will be more surplus income to spend on travel, and this is already occurring.

As European and American tourists are less frequently seen in parts of south-east Asia like Vietnam and Thailand, the Chinese and Indians are filling the guesthouse rooms instead. Tour companies in other countries are adapting to this change by offering customized tours aimed at satisfying their different tastes too.

With domestic travel, this is also being embraced as Indians who’ve never seen much of their country due to working long hours now finally get the chance to do so. As more people consider travel, either because of positive word of mouth or attending a travel trade show, more tourists are likely to spend their money at home. The rising quality of accommodations, better value options and a cultural familiarity are all playing a part in that too.

The travel industry for Indians is improving here. Indians have more disposable funds to travel now. Some are going abroad, but the most interesting tourism is often found at home.

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