4 Best Robot Vacuums You Can Try


Technology is advancing to extreme levels, and one doesn’t just differentiate between the things they want and the things they just buy. So much of technology has begin to mean like luxury to us, but the Robot vacuums aren’t just luxury. We say that because we understand what a task doing the chores at home can be, and if you wish to make your work easier so that the load is off your head and there’s some spare time you find for yourself and for your family, then here’s our list from which you can make the pick! Check it out and see which of them fits the best.

1. iRobot- Roomba 980

Though a little expensive, the Roomba 980 is going to be what you call your dream robot vacuum. It is just about perfect, and navigates through dirt like it is no big task. Unlike others, it gets through rugs and carpets with ease, and the dirt detecting system is accurate enough to not let a single patch of dirt behind. The features, including the rubber carpet agitator is what set it apart from the rest, and its navigation is a clean sweep while the virtual wall system a convenient one. The only problem that might come along with this one is the fact that it is noisy. Price: $799

2. Samsung – PowerbotR7065

This one has been critically acclaimed, and it has got not just a clear dustbin to check when its full but also an upward facing camera that makes the entire process a lot easier. The battery life though is a little not so good, many might want to think twice before putting this kind of monies. Price: $599

3. iRobot – Roomba 690

While the Roomba 980 is, in fact, an alluring one, the price puts many off from buying it. So, to fit into the midrange, the Roomba 690 might do the work for you just fine and at the same time, fetch you features just about right. Connect to an app and schedule the cleaning, and it makes use of the same battery as well as the invisible wall system. With a lowering of price, one can’t expect an all in one like its upgrade, and that’s the fact that the 690 has an AeroVac technology for house clean and a carpet brush instead of the rubber agitator. However, given the price difference, we think it is but a good catch. Price: $375

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4. Eufy – Robovac 11 +

The Eufy Robovac comes within a great budget, and while it might lack certain robot vacuum features that makes it a little less attractive, it does in fact manage to do its job pretty well. For someone who wants a robot vacuum that is low maintenance and at the same time does the basics for you, then you’re looking at the best available option in here. For those who’ve got a house mainly having a wooden floor and a pet that’s furry, we think this shall get your job done just about right. Price: $249

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