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Cool Whatsapp Status: Top Coolest Whatsapp Messages


Coolest Whatsapp Status Messages

Previous, we shared some of the best whatsapp status messages with our reader. Whatsapp has quickly became one of the most famous social networking app for mobile. It makes it very easy for the people to connect with the like minded people. Over 10 millions people are using it day to day and Facebook has kept pushing new features to make it one of the top IM app. Since its inception, people are looking for a crazy cool whatsapp status to impress their friends and family members. Whatsapp has just defined chatting over phones in a new way. Right from sending free messages, sharing images and uploading videos to updating status, it has created a swirl as a best messenger. Its in-built feature of status has gained extreme popularity among folks of all ages. Here we bring you a collection of very cool whatsapp status messages to update your status in your own funky way.

cool whatsapp status

Cool and Funny Whatsapp status messages

In our previous article, we did mention our readers that we will keep bringing some of the top most whatsapp status messages for our readers. In fact, following are some of the cool whatsapp status that you can copy it right away and share with your friends. Do not forget to tell them where you found them from.

  1. If you are happy and you know it, show it on your status.
  2. You don’t like me? ..  never mind, same here.
  3. Who says am fat. I am just a big personality.
  4. My relationship status : Badly need a change!!
  5. Shopping is such a damn business … everyone asks for money.
  6. I am defined in marriage, not confined.
  7. God should have at least made one mistake of creating two Sundays in a week.
  8. Who says things can’t buy happiness? Aren’t you happy reading my status?
  9. Sometimes I just feel like hitting the remote at the long commercials but the TV screen comes in between.
  10. Two words are needed to open any door for you : Pull and Push!
  11. If you love someone let him go. If he comes back he is yours. If he doesn’t, he was not of your standard.
  12. All guys, never go out without looking a chic. Girls still believe in the myth of prince charming.
  13. Newspapers are more interesting when you see it in other’s funny whatsapp status message
  14. Marriage is the fusion of love and war.
  15. Best friends will listen what you say and will understand what you don’t say.
  16. Just waiting when they will launch whatsapp separate for parents and kids.
  17. Smile is also a big thing your lips can do.
  18. My wife doesn’t even pretend to look sad when I am going out of town!
  19. Big bang goals are just fake if they can’t make your life happy.
  20. Food is in vain without a pinch of salt. So is life without some tears.
  21. I left smoking ………………..  many times.
  22. Earlier people needed pillows with them to sleep. Now they need phones.
  23. Heart attacks are not risky always. Every time I see your update I get a heart attack.
  24. Just think before falling in love …  it can be a ditch.
  25. Your marriage is not successful unless your spouse is happy with you.
  26. I wonder when they ‘Am speechless’, while they are still talking.
  27. I loved my wife a LOT, before we got married.
  28. Open eyes can’t always see everything.
  29. Am just staring at the gaps in my book. Teacher told me to read between the lines.
  30. Who says you can’t buy happiness. Girls just look toooo… happy while they are shopping.
  31. Come on, don’t go away like that. I bet you can do it. … Flushing is so easy after all!
  32. Mistakes are awesome. I feel so high after I realize them and correct them.
  33. I love being up for late nights. At least it grants me permission to sleep till late in the mornings.
  34. Don’t use people. Lots of things are manufactured.
  35. Try and try until you stop receiving ‘Retry’.
  36. Totally available ……… on whatsapp only.
  37. I hate vacations. Resuming back when they get over is just too terrible.
  38. I am not slow at all. But grandma used to tell me story of the Turtle and the Hare.
  39. Whatsapp will be back soon. If its urgent do meet at my home.
  40. Marriages are made in heaven. Thunders and lightings added.
  41. How can I live without loving you when both are one and the same thing.
  42. Don’t marry the one whom you like. Marry the one whom you know.
  43. Someone you love should not be the best option but a necessity.
  44. Most successful marriage is when wife is blind and the husband is deaf.
  45. If looking DIFFERENT is so trendy, why don’t people turn into a dog.
  46. Tears are the biggest irony. They follow you when you cry and also when you laugh too much.
  47. Love seeks love and nothing else.
  48. When you are wrong, confess it immediately. When you are right always be slow to say it.
  49. I don’t want my girl like a moon. Stars are good if you go by the numbers.
  50. Blind belief is death of reasoning.
  51. I love dreaming. Censor board there is very liberal.
  52. What if life gave me hundred reasons to cry. I gave it thousand reasons to smile!
  53. Don’t let your friends go away just because you don’t like to say sorry.
  54. Just say chill to the bad days. They come to pass away only.
  55. If a girl smiles at you, don’t wait. It was a license to smile back.

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Hope you enjoyed our collection and won’t be able to resist picking up the quotes for your own whatsapp status. Use them for free to update your status and DP. These cool whatsapp status quotes will make your whatsapp status look hot! Also don’t forget to check out our other whatsapp status.

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