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Mehndi Design for Hands [Part 2]


We are bringing here some of the best Mehndi Designs for Hands. Mehndi is an integral part of fashion as well as a cultural bridal adornment. Mehndi which is also known as Henna derives the word Mehndi from a Sanskrit word ‘Mehandika’. It is a kind of natural dye extracted from the leaves of the shrub Mehndi. It glamorizes the hands by giving prettier look to the palms after applying in form of variety of designs. Among women folk, Mehndi has acquired a status of art and is also considered very auspicious for the bride. Special Henna artists or beauticians are employed for the wedding occasions. Here we have compiled some beautiful Mehndi Designs for Hands – Palms and Back of the palms, for Bridal occasions as well as less lavish occasions like parties and festivals like Karva Chauth, Navratri and Eid. Previously, we covered the same topic, however, the designs presented in that article were simple and easy to understand. In case, if you are interested, you can also check mehndi designs for hands part 1.

Mehndi designs and patterns for hands are also generally diversified as traditional finer designs and bold Arabic designs (some example of Arabic mehndi are covered here). You will find that how the different designs are suitable to you according to the kind of occasion for which you want to wear it. Originally the traditional designs are popular in India but nowadays Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands are also in vogue as they are considered ideal and they incorporate the traditional culture and also add modern look due to the linear designs with lot of space left on the palms.

Indian (traditional) and Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

  1. This one is a grand traditional bridal design done very neatly and intricately. Such design is popularly used for bride’s hands and adorned all over the palms stretching up to the elbows. It uses the floral motifs very beautifully and Perfect for the bride.

mehendi designs for hands

  1. Such simple and minimal designs are used by Indian women in North for one day festivals like Karva Chauth and Teeth.

mehendi designs pattern

  1. This simple Arabic design will look best if you are up for some small events like college functions and get together. It uses floral motifs in bold way instead of intricate way and is easy and fast to apply.

arabic mehendi for hands

  1. You will love this Arabic Design which abundantly uses the Mehndi paste to emphasize the leave pattern and also uses the peacock motif. Perfect mix of traditional and modern designs. This design is perfect for festivals like Navratri and small functions as well as for weddings.

arabic mehendi pattern

  1. This is a very simple floral design best for the beginners of Mehndi art or the young girls who are just starting to learn the application of Mehndi. It is best to apply over hands of young girls who may not like to give ample of time for putting Mehndi. The simplicity of the design will definitely suit the small hands.

floral mehendi design

Mehndi Designs for BACK OF HANDS

Mehndi is not only applied over the front but also the back of palms. Here are some Back Hand Mehndi Designs which adorn the back of your hands very elegantly. The Mehndi Designs for Back Hands are generally less intricate.

  1. This Rajasthani design for back uses most Indian motifs and holds the traditional spirit by following finer design and peacock shaped motif too.

rajasthani mehendi for hands

  1. This one is a perfect Rajasthani design you must use when you want to give your hands an ethnic look. The circular design is simple to apply though looks intricate. The shades given in the final outline of the round makes the design prettier. The fingers are too adorned with such shaded motifs. Best suited for traditional occasions like wedding and festivals.mehendi for back hands
  2. Now have a look at these less intricate Mehndi designs for Hands which acquire modern features of Arabic Mehndi with some novel motifs and some traditional motifs too. The maze-like design gives a modern touch to the design applied on the back of the palms. It is an excellent combination of full and empty. You must try this design if you are looking for a novel and uncommon to make your hands look diverse from others’. Sometimes, such designs are done through artificial mehendi or colors. A big collection of black mehndi designs and patterns were covered before. Most of the time such mehendi looks more stunning compared to traditional mehndi. Such design looks more stunning on fair skin.

stunning mehendi design example

  1. This is one is the best design if you want to sport it for small casual events like college function and social party. It sports a trendy look on your hand. The design is modern and unique. It is a must try for young girls who would like to give a stylish looks to their back hands.

mehendi for girl

  1. This simple and light design to adorn your back hands resembles the Henna Tattoos and serves as a finger accessory for the finger over which it is applied. Best suited for any occasion.

henna tatto

Nowadays art of Mehndi is modernized by supplementing the designs with radium stickers, glitters, beads and colors. Here are some eye catching views for you to try it for extra lavish look.

mehndi for hands

Above Mehndi Designs for Hands are compiled to pick up the best design according to the occasion and taste. The collection includes ethnic as well as modern stylish designs. Brides can take a look at this collection. We hope you will like the above collection of the mehndi designs for hands (palm and back of the hand) and will post your comments on it. For more inspiring ideas, you can always check the beauty section of We keep posting women beauty tips and ideas in here.

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